so, here I am

hmmm, I’m not sure what should I write in my first post here…I use to have a blog when I was in junior high, back then everyone was using msn so I started blogging on msn space until msn closed down and my blog was moved automatically to wordpress, I barely use my blog after that. Few days ago a friend of mine told me he started blogging, which reminded me of my blog that I almost forget about. So, I decided to sign up for a new blog and start over again.

Why I suddenly want a blog? I was a girl who didn’t want other people to know about what’s buried in my heart and always trying to hide my feelings, pretending to be happy, until about a month ago, when I found out something which finally shattered the little world I created for myself since I was young, where I lied to myself and avoid to face the depressing things around me. I feel I need a place to write down my feelings; first it was my diary, then I feel the stuff I wrote in my diary is not going to relieve my mind since no one would see what I write in my diary. I need a place where I can share my feelings with people who understand me, so I come back to blogging, to build another world where I can take off my mask and talk my heart.

Well, I’m not good at ending a post in a fancy way so….I will come back here often and share more of the things in my life 🙂 Hope you enjoy my words (and sorry I’m not a good writer haha).