OMG such a long day today, 8:30am-6:00pm. It’s so long that I actually thought it is Wednesday already hahaha.

Once again I saw how funny and miserable most people are. Knew this ‘funny’ dude, truly a ‘funny’ one. He has issues and he probably doesn’t even know that. Another sad man.

Somehow I just keep on feeling that I seriously don’t belong to this society, or this world. First I found some people, well, most people around me are just childish, then I realised childish is too nice a word for them. They are just simply sad, pathetic. Then I feel I don’t have the right to judge them like this since I am living among these people, there’s a reason that we are all here, maybe it’s because we are all, to a certain degree, pathetic, including me.

Human being, what a laughable pathetic group of creatures. And what makes it even funnier is that I, as one of these poor things, am laughing at my own species.

10 days until uni starts, busy life gonna start

It seems that I have a lot to say but when I really think about it, there’s no much to write…I have been planning to study a bit, like list all the drugs I learnt, but it is just so hard to study during holidays. Maybe I should do something now, like the drugs.

I think one day I may need to smoke, hahaha yes I will be a doctor and probably a doctor who smokes. That is because I cannot have alcohol. If there is only one kind of people who actually NEEDS to smoke, I think that would be medical students and housemen and those who are preparing for specialist examinations.

Ok I don’t know what else to write, or I know what to write but I am just lazy to get things organised and type them out.

Happy year 3!

Getting busy

A new semester just started, my timetable is as full as the fire in hell. I told myself to start doing summary notes, so I did, have to say it’s damn time consuming…hope the notes I made can help me later for revision.

I am still thinking if I should skip the afternoon long elective lectures tomorrow, but it seems kinda impolite to skip lectures at the beginning of the semester (in fact, the first lectures of my 2 elective subjects) and one of the lecturer was my tutor last semester (I did pretty well in that subject), so……urgh maybe I should go?

God, please help me deal with my OCD pleeeaaaassseeee!!!!! It’s so annoying, I guess it runs in family because my brother told me he has that as well, and he has depression, well, so do I, but I guess my depression is not as serious as his.

Mom did a body check and we are going to get the report back on this Saturday, hope everything is fine!!! To be honest, I am still keeping myself alive and staying with my family only because of my mom, she’s the best woman in the world, she suffered a lot of unhappy experiences before but she is tough so she had beaten all the shits and living a happy life with me now. Yes, I will keep myself good for my mom, only for her. I know gods always bless her so I feel VERY VERY VERY grateful, these blessings are the best things for my mom and I.

8:30am medicine lecture tomorrow and won’t be finished until 630pm, so I better go rest now.

Have a good night my friends ^^