Today is another I-did-nothing day. This feels terrible hahaha. I was planning to review some lectures but oops, where did my time go? they just left me, time must has hypnotized me and then left.

I finally signed up for Instagram, urged by a few friends of mine, they say everybody in HK uses Instagram, get one to stay updated with all the gossips. Well, I can see Instagram becoming an untouched app on my phone, I would prefer twitter. Although no one uses twitter here in HK, I would still prefer it than Instagram, I don’t post photos that much so occasionally posting random thoughts on twitter would be ‘more fun’. Besides, since no one in HK uses it, my super gossipy uni-mates in HKU won’t see my tweets! Twitter is the only safe place now hahaha.

Ok I’d better study a bit before bedtime urgh.