Decided to be all alone

We expect followers if we have public blogs, but somehow I feel extremely insecure to have followers and visitors that actually know me in real life. Honestly, I don’t want to expose the inner me to them, I felt unsettled when my best friend in high school followed my blog and it totally freaked me out when I learnt that she will receive emails if I have any new posts. I mean, it’s like there is no privacy. I’m ok if strangers become my follower, they don’t know me anyways, but friends in real life, no. I have to admit that I might have been a bit paranoid about this… So, I decided, that is it, I will start a new site and import my old posts from my old blog, and be all alone here (to stay away from the people who know me in real life). This blog is like my narnia, like my secret diary, would you let your friends or your family read your diary? I guess not.

A one-month-long swot vac started, I have been unproductive despect the fact that I off my mobile most of the day and no fb. I really need to study those endless med lecs or else i will die. Yes, tomorrow I will be more productive!

Happy Christmas holiday (well, it is Christmas study leave).

Never snows here so I turned on the snowflake setting, more christmassy haha.

Oh found this photo, how I miss this city, so beautiful in this wonderful Christmas