Hi Summer!

Woohoo! Finished my exams and just back from a trip to Maldives with my mom, have to say that Maldives is indeed a paradise! Don’t stay there for too long though because you may get bored. What I did everyday was basically wake up, then eat, then snorkelling, eat, snorkelling, eat, snorkelling, sleep, until I come back. Oh, I almost passed out from drinking liquor……I proved myself once again that I should not have alcohol in my life under any circumstances (even if they are free) unless I want to commit suicide and die in a most torturous way.

I found my previous posts were too passive, full of negative emotions, I think I should have a change. I mean, well, I know I have gone through terrible things but who didn’t? What was bothering me wasn’t my fault (or maybe it is partially due to me, like butterfly effect, who knows, but I am for sure not the person who is directly responsible for all those shit). So, I will let it go. I will live my life and step out from the shadow of those issues.

A week to go until the results will be released, I AM SOOOOOO NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG just please please please let me pass my exams!!!!!!!!!!!! Promise will be a good girl next year and study hard.

Enjoy your holidays everyone! Will come back here and write more soon 😉