Getting busy

A new semester just started, my timetable is as full as the fire in hell. I told myself to start doing summary notes, so I did, have to say it’s damn time consuming…hope the notes I made can help me later for revision.

I am still thinking if I should skip the afternoon long elective lectures tomorrow, but it seems kinda impolite to skip lectures at the beginning of the semester (in fact, the first lectures of my 2 elective subjects) and one of the lecturer was my tutor last semester (I did pretty well in that subject), so……urgh maybe I should go?

God, please help me deal with my OCD pleeeaaaassseeee!!!!! It’s so annoying, I guess it runs in family because my brother told me he has that as well, and he has depression, well, so do I, but I guess my depression is not as serious as his.

Mom did a body check and we are going to get the report back on this Saturday, hope everything is fine!!! To be honest, I am still keeping myself alive and staying with my family only because of my mom, she’s the best woman in the world, she suffered a lot of unhappy experiences before but she is tough so she had beaten all the shits and living a happy life with me now. Yes, I will keep myself good for my mom, only for her. I know gods always bless her so I feel VERY VERY VERY grateful, these blessings are the best things for my mom and I.

8:30am medicine lecture tomorrow and won’t be finished until 630pm, so I better go rest now.

Have a good night my friends ^^