OMG such a long day today, 8:30am-6:00pm. It’s so long that I actually thought it is Wednesday already hahaha.

Once again I saw how funny and miserable most people are. Knew this ‘funny’ dude, truly a ‘funny’ one. He has issues and he probably doesn’t even know that. Another sad man.

Somehow I just keep on feeling that I seriously don’t belong to this society, or this world. First I found some people, well, most people around me are just childish, then I realised childish is too nice a word for them. They are just simply sad, pathetic. Then I feel I don’t have the right to judge them like this since I am living among these people, there’s a reason that we are all here, maybe it’s because we are all, to a certain degree, pathetic, including me.

Human being, what a laughable pathetic group of creatures. And what makes it even funnier is that I, as one of these poor things, am laughing at my own species.

10 days until uni starts, busy life gonna start

It seems that I have a lot to say but when I really think about it, there’s no much to write…I have been planning to study a bit, like list all the drugs I learnt, but it is just so hard to study during holidays. Maybe I should do something now, like the drugs.

I think one day I may need to smoke, hahaha yes I will be a doctor and probably a doctor who smokes. That is because I cannot have alcohol. If there is only one kind of people who actually NEEDS to smoke, I think that would be medical students and housemen and those who are preparing for specialist examinations.

Ok I don’t know what else to write, or I know what to write but I am just lazy to get things organised and type them out.

Happy year 3!

Sunday afternoon

Haven’t posted here for a long time, life has been quite plan and kinda busy. Typhoon is hitting  HK now so I’m staying in my apartment, preparing for a test tomorrow.

To my surprise I will have a whole month off for the upcoming winter recess so I decided to go back to Melbourne with my mom and will visit some other cities in Australia (escape one month of winter in HK lol), hope we will have hips of fun there!

Not sure if I need to go to uni tomorrow, depends on the typhoon, if tomorrow morning they hoist signal 8 or above, then I will have to stay home. Well, it’s good to have an extra day off but uni will eventually find a way to make up for the classes and the test scheduled tomorrow, so better no signal 8 tomorrow haha.

Need to prepare for the test now, raining outside but not heavy, no wind.

Enjoy your Sunday =]