half way there

Got one of the lower wisdom teeth extracted yesterday, the surgery went well and I feel ok now except that I cannot eat much solid food. Will get the other one extracted next week 🙂 hope things will go well as well.

Didn’t study much yesterday because I spent the whole afternoon at my dentist’s clinic. I got really depressed after I tried a few questions from the self- assessment test of the head and neck block. Everything looks so familiar but it is just so hard to recall the details of the anatomy. I am feeling blue now. Just started revising haematology, what can I do, just try study as hard as other people. I am too slacked, my lifestyle doesn’t suit medical life. But I chose this, so I have to do this, and I think I believe I can.

Wish me luck.

Byyeee wisdom teeth

THAT IS IT. After 8 years of suffering, I finally decided to get rid of my lower wisdom teeth. I can’t take it any more, get gum infections more and more often because the broken gum is exposed to all the bacteria we encounter everyday, since it’s not intact, it provides a nice environment for the bacs to stay and grow, which hurts like hell. So I called my dentist and will see him next Thursday. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAY WISDOM TEETH U BITCHES OUT OF MY MOUTH!!! Hope the surgery will go well =D