Time is the greatest healer

Holding lecture notes and not really studying as usual in this Sunday afternoon. As I looking at the window and staring into space, once again I feel the power of time. It is so cruel yet gentle, it heals every wound and washes away everything without a single tread of evidence of their existence no matter how significant they were. I have been hurt and thought I would live under its shadow for the rest of my life. But slowly the dark shadow starts to fade, I just don’t care any more, I can’t even believe it, yes, that is true, I don’t care any more. Life is too short to live in the past. What is done cannot be undone, what is seen cannot be unseen. If we really think about life, there is really nothing important. After all, we are just tiny little things that cannot even be seen in the universe. We are all ashes. So why not just let time help us to ignore the things that upset us and keep the big smile on our faces?

Face the sun, embrace the rain, laugh when the thunder strikes, live our lives to the best.


half way there

Got one of the lower wisdom teeth extracted yesterday, the surgery went well and I feel ok now except that I cannot eat much solid food. Will get the other one extracted next week 🙂 hope things will go well as well.

Didn’t study much yesterday because I spent the whole afternoon at my dentist’s clinic. I got really depressed after I tried a few questions from the self- assessment test of the head and neck block. Everything looks so familiar but it is just so hard to recall the details of the anatomy. I am feeling blue now. Just started revising haematology, what can I do, just try study as hard as other people. I am too slacked, my lifestyle doesn’t suit medical life. But I chose this, so I have to do this, and I think I believe I can.

Wish me luck.

The Long Game: BlackBerry Passport Keeps Pulling Strong Reviews

wow as a loyal bb user, I have to say blackberry has never failed to amaze me!

Inside BlackBerry

BlackBerry Strong review 1Know Your Mobile has an updated, in-depth review praising the BlackBerry Passport, with the site’s Richard Goodwin awarding the device 4.5 out of 5 stars, scoring it higher than the iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 9 (each at 4 stars).

Meanwhile, other press outlets have joined the ranks of the early positive reviewers over the past few weeks, and the BlackBerry Passport keeps gaining momentum.

(Also check out our profiles of professionals boosting their productivity with the BlackBerry Passport, including celebrity chef Tyler Florence, this tech journalist, university professor, pharmaceutical CEO, software manager, and insurance salesman. Or skip ahead to the bottom to find links to our ShopBlackBerry or Amazon where you can buy our new device.)

We gave Know Your Mobile’s original review a mention in October, but we felt the update version, which covers everything from BlackBerry Blend to the new…

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Byyeee wisdom teeth

THAT IS IT. After 8 years of suffering, I finally decided to get rid of my lower wisdom teeth. I can’t take it any more, get gum infections more and more often because the broken gum is exposed to all the bacteria we encounter everyday, since it’s not intact, it provides a nice environment for the bacs to stay and grow, which hurts like hell. So I called my dentist and will see him next Thursday. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAY WISDOM TEETH U BITCHES OUT OF MY MOUTH!!! Hope the surgery will go well =D


OMG I am so full. Just had yum cha, ordered to much sweet stuffs, I guess that was because my brain consumed too much glucose so it was screaming for sugar haha. My brother and sister in law will leave this Sunday. Finally, I can get my own bathroom back and have a neater apartment. Will miss them though, but ya, I still want my bathroom and the clean living room back lol.

Have been overeating these days when dining with bro n sis in law, they eat a lot, so I felt the urge to eat as well. Need to stop eating, feel like puke now.

So unproductive, need to study more efficiently, seriously. Just made my afternoon coffee to keep me awake after all the sugar, hopefully it will work.


After a heavy indian lunch, I had a big gelato called ‘berry overload’ from holly brown, so satisfied!!!!!!! Have to say holly brown is one of the best things of Hong Kong. Now trying to finish the lecture I am reading before bed. Though I had coffee at 3pm but apparently it cannot defeat the hypnotizing power of the lecture notes on cranial nerves lol.

Looking forward to my next gelato!!! Can’t get enough of it, especially the berry overload, so good and delightful, so cheering =D


Decided to be all alone

We expect followers if we have public blogs, but somehow I feel extremely insecure to have followers and visitors that actually know me in real life. Honestly, I don’t want to expose the inner me to them, I felt unsettled when my best friend in high school followed my blog and it totally freaked me out when I learnt that she will receive emails if I have any new posts. I mean, it’s like there is no privacy. I’m ok if strangers become my follower, they don’t know me anyways, but friends in real life, no. I have to admit that I might have been a bit paranoid about this… So, I decided, that is it, I will start a new site and import my old posts from my old blog, and be all alone here (to stay away from the people who know me in real life). This blog is like my narnia, like my secret diary, would you let your friends or your family read your diary? I guess not.

A one-month-long swot vac started, I have been unproductive despect the fact that I off my mobile most of the day and no fb. I really need to study those endless med lecs or else i will die. Yes, tomorrow I will be more productive!

Happy Christmas holiday (well, it is Christmas study leave).

Never snows here so I turned on the snowflake setting, more christmassy haha.

Oh found this photo, how I miss this city, so beautiful in this wonderful Christmas season.melbourne