The Long Game: BlackBerry Passport Keeps Pulling Strong Reviews

wow as a loyal bb user, I have to say blackberry has never failed to amaze me!

Inside BlackBerry

BlackBerry Strong review 1Know Your Mobile has an updated, in-depth review praising the BlackBerry Passport, with the site’s Richard Goodwin awarding the device 4.5 out of 5 stars, scoring it higher than the iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 9 (each at 4 stars).

Meanwhile, other press outlets have joined the ranks of the early positive reviewers over the past few weeks, and the BlackBerry Passport keeps gaining momentum.

(Also check out our profiles of professionals boosting their productivity with the BlackBerry Passport, including celebrity chef Tyler Florence, this tech journalistuniversity professor, pharmaceutical CEOsoftware manager, and insurance salesman. Or skip ahead to the bottom to find links to our ShopBlackBerry or Amazon where you can buy our new device.)

We gave Know Your Mobile’s original review a mention in October, but we felt the update version, which covers everything from BlackBerry Blend to the new…

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