OMG such a long day today, 8:30am-6:00pm. It’s so long that I actually thought it is Wednesday already hahaha.

Once again I saw how funny and miserable most people are. Knew this ‘funny’ dude, truly a ‘funny’ one. He has issues and he probably doesn’t even know that. Another sad man.

Somehow I just keep on feeling that I seriously don’t belong to this society, or this world. First I found some people, well, most people around me are just childish, then I realised childish is too nice a word for them. They are just simply sad, pathetic. Then I feel I don’t have the right to judge them like this since I am living among these people, there’s a reason that we are all here, maybe it’s because we are all, to a certain degree, pathetic, including me.

Human being, what a laughable pathetic group of creatures. And what makes it even funnier is that I, as one of these poor things, am laughing at my own species.


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