For people who wants to have pets

Warm advise: Don’t.

If you really want animals and want to help them, adpot one/a few and take REALLY good care of them.

Don’t buy from pet shop, unless you are super rich and have a private maid and a private vet to look after your pet all the time.

Let me tell you why.

I bought lovely 3 finches and 2 beautiful african grey parrots, 3 of them died (1 finch+both African Grey parrots). I bought the finches and the first african grey Jack from a bird market which is extremely dirty. I was inexperienced so I did not know any symptoms that indicate a sick bird. Birds are so good at hiding their illness because it is in their nature that they have to pretend they are not sick at all until the moment that they are so sick they are about to die within the next few hours, because once they show they weakness, the predators will hunt them down. It is very easy for birds to transmit bacteria and viruses among themselves especially in a dirty bird market and it is hard for you to save them because like I said, they don’t show any symptoms until the moment before their death.

The second african grey was from a BIA shop, which is a well recognised associatiation. Still, their birds can get sicktoo. That is how I lost my little Peter. CRIED MY EYES OUT AGAIN.

A finch died the same way (actually the first bird of mine that passed away), then I spent thousands AUD to save another finch and luckily she survived!

So, just don’t buy any pets, when they die, your heart bleeds.

Well, you can adopt some pets because if you don’t, they will get euthanasia and die. It worth your bleeding heart for these poor abandoned animals to have a period of good life before they eventually die from illness or old age, rather than living in a croweded cage and finally getting killed.

I am sorry that I am not in the mood to polish my language or proofread this article before I publish it because I am with my swollen eyes, still greiving for my african grey peter whom I have just lost 2 days ago.


14 years

Finally after all these years of medical school, I am going to start working as an house officer on 2/7 and oncall on my first day of work. I think maybe its pre-work blue, all of a sudden I just want to stop being an adult and go back to junior high school hanging out with my best friend everyday and watch guys playing soccer after lunch. Complicated emotions welled up inside me when I realise what seems to be yesterday is already 14 years ago, the innocent time that will only live in my memory and slowly fade away no matter how hard I try to hold on to every detail of those precious past.

I messaged my best friend back in junior high school, the person that no matter how long we have seperated, will always be the same when we start talking again; the person I can always have endless conversations with. I regret that I didn’t treasure the days we spent together more, we didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to each other when we went back home from school together for the last time. I guess back then, I was too young to know that those days would be the best days of my life, therefore, too young to appreciate.

14 years ago, I was 12 years old, a year-7 girl standing in the school yard enjoy doing things with my best friend that only guys would do. Watch soccer and basketball, break stuffs, always hungry and eat a lot and still hungry, go to places in the school buildings that clearly says no students allowed or, under construction. For those teenagers reading this post, trust me, for most teenagers especially the young teens (yes, of course not all, some of you won’t even want to think back to your teenage life), this will be the best time of your life. It is the time you would be willing to pay anything to go back to, back to the pure heart, to the friends that choose to be your friends just because they like to stay with you, not because you are useful to them. One day you will realise, the most precious and beautiful thing in your life cannot be seen with your eyes, it can only be felt with your heart, when it is still pure.

life omg

just wanna dig a hole and bury myself after doing sth stupid and put myself in a damn hard situation in ward.

how i wish i could go back time and reset. or just be a kid so life would be so much simpler.

currently doing paediatrics and this is just a random drawing from hubbi. lol just trying to find something to cheer myself up. Hope everyone is currently handling life well. A kid in ward who is talented at drawing said that there’s no such thing as a wrong stroke in drawing, you can always make it right by adding more details to the misplaced stroke to make things look pretty again. 

omg just help me stop making stupid decision before think it through and let me graduate on time pls😣😣😣

Haven’t posted for a long time

So many things have happened during the 8 months that I disappeared from my blog. To start off, I got married after 3 months of dating, yea 3 months only, crazy. Then nearly broke up with my husband many times over some trivial issues and one big problem. I said nearly broke up instead of nearly got divorced because first, I stopped him from escaping small issues by leaving each other (childish much); second, the law here states that married couple cannot get divorced unless they are married for at least one year.

The big problem was, he cheated, he went to visit prostitutes (he was a regular when he was single). One day he confessed to me, and he said we should get a divorce; but a few minutes later he hugged me tight from my back when i was crying and he said please don’t leave. He said he only realised how much he loved me when he felt that I was about to leave him for real. I don’t know if we should trust guys who say things like this after they have done something wrong and stupid. What I know is I am different, I am not as lost as he was, I know what I want. I want to settle with the man I love. I am so tired. I look tough from the outside but in fact I am fragile and brittle inside.It is just a gut feeling that he really knows he was wrong and I should give him a second chance.

I am relatively a quiet person. I behave differently in front of him. I didn’t give much comments and okay with whatever his choice was on small things like what food to eat etc; didn’t tell him how do I think about his ideas, didn’t show particular expression of understanding when i actually understood what he was talking about; not giving harsh comments when he says something; trying to compromise which made me sound like i was lying. All these made him think I have no stance and cannot understand him. The side effect of being too nice to someone, I will just say whatever I want to say from now on. I was just wanted to be nice because I cannot afford to lost him.

Both parents still don’t know that we are married. He is always pessimistic about our relationship, keeps on saying I will break up with him one day, gets jealous whenever I message a male friend (for which I can understand). I don’t know what to comment, thousands of different feelings rush to me when he says we can’t last long and the reason he thinks would be me wanting to breakup with him whilst the one suggested break up all the time was him. just like he kept saying I will cheat on him and turned out the one cheated was him. I feel he just imposed his own feelings on me, saying I would do this I would be like that, but actually all those were what he thought he would do, he just didn’t want to admit it. I just simply don’t want to talk about all this mixed feelings here.

Uni about to get started, 5th year medical school, passed my last exam, hope everything goes well or not too bad in the coming academic year.




I’m so tired I can’t hide it anymore

Guess I found my only exception but its so……..that i don’t know how to deal it. I thought finding him is enough, knowing he’s there is enough and I would never ask for more, in case I hurt him, my deep fear of hurting the person I love. But, no, I don’t know if the word love can define this. Is it ‘imprint’? We can’t even say our relationship is complicated because neither of us knows what is it. I just know this is the first time that just sitting beside a person, or even just thinking about him makes me feel like crying, happy tears, the feeling that I finally found something that I lost.

30/5/2015 sunny+rainstorms 

Today I went to a gelato shop to get free coffee from a friend of mine who works there. He made me soy flat white and gave me an awsome brownie even though I didn’t ask for it. But i am so sick of chocolate after all the sweets I had these days and after making+ tasting hazelnut chocolate spread, even the sight of chocolate makes me feel like puke…so I didn’t enjoy the brownie and the flat white confirmed me that black coffee is my only choice in HK. Hmm…I really should stop eating too much sugary stuff, they really make me feel sick.

I start to doubt if I will ever get into a serious long term relationship. I may end up like Joey in Friends, which is quite sad. I feel I am so damaged that even if one day someone shows up and willing to give me what I deserve, I don’t even know how to give him a proper response. Maybe it is because that I am so used to the big hole in my soul that having it filled doesn’t seem that necessary anymore.

No nightmares tonight please. It is really not pleasant, especially when living alone, which itself is unpleasant enough. 

Heres a picture of the hazelnut chocolate spread I made, vegan, sweet and low 🙂 

The rainy Saturday. Things have changed, finally.

It’s been raining these days, I like the weather, perfect for staying in and just lay back and chill with a cup of hot drink.

Parents came back this afternoon, cooked them lunch. Things have changed, in a good way. Dad got anxiety and minor depression since my grandma got sick but she is all good now. You may feel it’s weird that I said this is a good thing if you don’t know my life well. Thanks to the torturous days my grandma made my dad suffer through when she was sick, which changed my dad. He finally realised he did stupid stuffs before, which ruined my mom’s, my brother’s and my life. I don’t know if this change is partially due to my dad’s andropause, I hope he won’t change back to who he were after he sees my doctor and gets better.

The feeling I have now is complicated. It is not merely due to my dad, it’s about everything that is with me now. I am in clinical years and started to doubt if I can be a good doctor, I hope I can. I will just try the best I can and see how it goes.

About relationships, ya still single haha, I don’t know since when I stopped giving a damn about the guys around me. I still find it hard to believe in love because all the stuffs I have been through. Sometimes I feel a bit scared, you know, as W. Somerset Maugham said, the great tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love. So, I would like to believe it is just that I haven’t met the one for me.

Going to Maldives again at the end of April, booked a package but not confirmed by the agent yet, hopefully things go well. Need some quality time with nature and myself before I start my research project.

It’s late now and still raining, perfect for a good night sleep 🙂